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WhatsApp’s new feature ‘Dark mode’ finally appeared

WhatsApp’s new feature ‘Dark mode‘ has finally appeared! Here are the details about WhatsApp’s new feature.

As it is known, Twitter and other applications had the feature of dark mode or night mode. For a long time there have been rumors that this mode will also be available for WhatsApp.

Eventually the rumors came true. The expected dark mode feature is included in WhatsApp’s Android beta. Here are the details.

WhatsApp is a popular app used by millions around the globe to connect with their contacts around the world. And the free messaging app is set to get an aesthetic upgrade. This is because WhatsApp is set to offer an unilluminated interface, known as dark mode.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging application within the social media giant Facebook, is preparing to take a step that closely concerns its users. The long-awaited ‘dark mode’ will soon be available to users.

The highly anticipated feature of the popular messaging app WhatsApp ‘dark mode’ came into the Android beta. So why it is important Whatsapp Dark Mode?

Benefits of Whatsapp Dark Mode

WhatsApp dark mode is a new design for the hugely popular messaging app, which will swap its current palette of light gray and green for shades of black, teal and midnight blue. It won’t replace the current look completely, but will be available as an option for anyone who wants to use it.

There are several reasons why you might want to try it. First of all, some users find dark backgrounds easier to look at for long periods of time, as there’s less glare than you get with a light colored interface. 

Those using a handset with an AMOLED display can save some battery life by turning on Dark Mode. That is because the color black is created on an OLED panel by turning off the pixels in the appropriate areas. Pixels that are turned off do not draw on a phone’s battery.

You can’t switch to WhatsApp dark mode yet (even if you’re part of the beta program), but trawling through the app’s installation files reveals various icons, wallpapers and other goodies that will be used when it’s eventually released.

So stay tuned for future updates as we are getting closer to Whatsapp Dark Mode.

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