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VSCO Review: Photo Editing App with Filters

Here is the VSCO review. The mobile photo editing application, which stands out especially with its high quality filters, is very popular in smartphones and tablets with Android and IOS operating systems.

Numerous photo editing apps come with many camera filters in the app stores. You ‘ll see in most comments on the Google Play Store and App Store, users complain that these photography apps don’t produce anything new, or that they’re constantly using the same filters. At this point, VSCO offers natural looking effects with a large photo editing interface and quality filters, simply manages to make a difference.

Before or after the photos are played on and retouched as desired, we call the photo editing event. After capturing a photograph with smartphones, retouched photos plays a huge role in the game. Mobile applications that make it easier to do post processing started to take place on Android and iOS platforms. Photo editing is sometimes fine-tuned and simple intonations, and sometimes requires more effort, but there are settings common to everyone. In this regard, the Adobe Photoshop program probably shows that the imagination knows no limits easily with various effects.

Although VSCO Cam-like applications are widely available in the application markets, this app can provide significant advantages in terms of fully mastering the photograph. Let’s look at the details of the features of the application within the scope of VSCO review.

VSCO Review – Overview

What is VSCO Cam?

VSCO is a place to express yourself, create beautiful photos and videos, and connect with a creative community. Edit with a variety of mobile presets and tools while discovering original content created by creators from around the world.

VSCO is a powerful photo editing tool that regenerates flat images with cleverly crafted filters. However, this leading mobile photography app is not only about its filters, it also has useful tools to make your photos look really good.

VSCO Tools

Exposure:  Allows you to change the exposure value of your photos. Given that the shots may be slightly underexposed, one or two steps can be played in this section.

Contrast: The option to add contrast value to your photos. You can keep your photo down (faded) by considering the light condition, or make it more bright by using the up option. It’s usually good to be in the middle.

Rotate: Rotates your photo to the right or left side at an angle.

Horizontal / Vertical Perspective: This is one of the options to give perspective to your work.

Crop: In general, you can determine how to crop the photo you took in this section before finalizing your photo.

Sharpen: Sharpens the image.

Saturation: Sets the saturation of your photo. Up and down play allows you to switch between black and white and color photos.

Save Highlights: Emphasizes highlights in a photo. You can then color these highlights with the 2 tool.

Save Shadows: Aim to reveal shadows in the photo. You can give color to shadows through Shadow Tints after you value them just like highlights.

Temperature: plays a decisive role in the temperature value of the photo.

Tint / Appearance Tint: You can use these very similar tools to color your photos and give the appearance tint.

Vignette: A tool that can give black shadow effect to the edges of photos.

Grain: Grain allows you to make the sandblasting sometimes beautiful. In short, it is used to add white particles to the photo.

Using VSCO

VSCO is a very simple and convenient interface. The VSCO app looks like a viewfinder. You can expose and take photos by touching the screen. You can use the app by selecting a photo from your photo gallery. The editing tools are at the bottom of the application and in the form of a folding window will not disturb the use. In short, your photo editing process starts with import, filter, use tools and ends.

There is also a collection section similar to Instagram that you can share after editing your photo. The VSCO app offers many filter options including paid and free. The first time you install 10 filters appear. You can add them free of charge from the store or you can get new ones by paying a certain amount to get access to more specific filters.

When using VSCO, we can say that free filters will generally work well for your mobile photos. As mentioned above, unlike other applications, these VSCO filters are of much better quality and tailored to your needs. Especially for your everyday shots, you can use the filters to get beautiful pictures without any further editing.


In this article we tried to make a short review for VSCO photo editing applicationWhat VSCO is, how it is used, what tools and filters it has? With all this in mind, as a user we see the options in photo editing with smartphone or tablet devices when necessary. If you have any comments you want to add in the VSCO review, we can make the article richer by making the necessary updates if you share it in your comments.

VSCO is available for free from Google Play and the App Store. Google Play | App Store

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