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Take Notes Everywhere with Evernote Mobile App

Evernote is a mobile application that allows you to store and organize the notes you receive on your device. This software transfers your notes to a cloud, so you can easily access your notes anywhere.

By “note” we mean a piece of text, audio, screenshot, etc. You can transfer this data to Evernote via computer program, internet browser plug-in or mobile app. Evernot then indexes these notes directly. So you can easily access the data you want when you need it. One of the most beautiful features of the program is to detect a text on the photo and be able to classify accordingly.

Clearly, when you need a piece of information suddenly, the easiest way to get there is using a mobile application. In fact, Evernote mobile application, with its functionality, has attracted attention because it has succeeded to become a popular note-taking app. Copy, save and retrieve information whenever you want. In addition, every note you add is tagged with your location so you can search your notes with a place tag.

Come to pricing. Evernote mobile note-taking app is free up to a certain limit. You have a download limit of 40MB per month and you are allowed to upload a certain number of images, audio, text and PDF files. When you pay the $ 45 annual membership fee, your size limit increases to 500MB per month. Apart from this, you can upload and index all kinds of files. (Such as Microsoft Office files)

The Evernote mobile app gives you the ability to make notes of anything you can think of, anywhere and reach it again. It prevents you from walking around in your purse and piece of note in your pocket. Most importantly, it prevents your valuable ideas from disappearing. The Evernote Android App is available for smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems.


Evernote helps you focus on what matters most and have access to your information when you need it.
Rating: 8.5 Fee: Free with in app Purchase Genre: Productivity

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