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Simplenote Review: A wonderful Note taking app

This is the Simplenote review. Simplenote is a simple but clean way to coordinate all your notes. In addition to being very simple in design, the app allows you to add tags to notes, share notes, and create lists + tasks + reminders. Now let’s look at this Android&iOS app details for Simplenote review.

Simplenote allows you to create and store notes in the cloud and automatically synchronize with other devices; To facilitate note synchronization, Automattic’s development team created desktop applications for Windows, Linux and Mac, and smartphone app for Android and iOS.

One of the best note-taking apps , Simplenote has been an alternative to Evernote for some time now. The Simplenote application, which provides syncing and markdown support for text-based notes only, continues to be available in the app markets free of charge as open source.

Simplenote Review – General

Unlike competitors like Evernote or Google Keep, Simplenote’s interface is very easy. There are no parts such as picture attachment, notebook list. Just a notebook and you.

Depending on your use, this may be good or bad. Simplenote is perfect for you if you want a way to organize your random notes in one place while syncing between devices (and for free). However, if you want more powerful and more features than a note-taking application, then the simplicity that Simplenote is trying to offer might be less.

As its name suggests, Simplenote wants to make note-taking as simple as possible. This is seen as simplicity and KISS philosophy in every part of the application. There is not even an example for beginners. It even uses the first line of your note automatically as a title. After that, everything is plain text.

Note Taking and Markdown

When we look at the note-taking section, Simplenote again shows its effect in a simple way. If you want different fonts, titles, subtitles and lists, we can say that Simplenote also supports Markdown format. If you do not know what is, markdown syntax is a markup language that you can use to format documents. However, markup support for the note is turned off by default, and you must manually enter the options and enable the note to run as markdown to activate the note.

This will change to a tab bar at the top of the interface: one for editing and one for previewing. This way, you can easily see how your tagged note will look.


As we tried to mention throughout the Simplenote review, there is no redundant, flashy functionality within this Android and iOS app. You don’t need to be an expert user. There is no premium option for device restrictions and any features. With Simplenote, you’ll get what you see, just like old HTML editors.

However, this does not mean that Simplenote is a bad application or does not have any useful features. You can get simple note-taking, tagging support, collaborative tools, tag-based filtering and markdown support for free. What more?

You can grab the SimpleNote app for free from Google Play and the App Store. Google Play | App Store

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