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Top List of Best Apps for Your Android, iOS Smartphone

Google Photos zoom on videos feature coming soon

Google Photos is perhaps the best photo editing and backup app in the cloud. However, it’s never let users zoom in on videos while they’re playing. In the latest Google

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Google Photos: Best Photo Backup & Editing App

Here is a Google Photos app review. Google’s photo editing and backup application, Google Photos, is not only a storage service, it is easily accessible from a variety of digital platforms, providing you with a

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VSCO Review: Photo Editing App with Filters

Here is the VSCO review. The mobile photo editing application, which stands out especially with its high quality filters, is very popular in smartphones and tablets with Android and IOS operating systems. Numerous photo

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What is Snapchat and How to use it?

What is Snapchat and how to use it? Yes, in this article, we will review the popular social media app Snapchat and see how this messaging application is used. What is Snapchat,

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