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Google Photos zoom on videos feature coming soon

Google Photos is perhaps the best photo editing and backup app in the cloud. However, it’s never let users zoom in on videos while they’re playing. In the latest Google Photos update on Android, it seems that the ability to zoom on videos is finally in the works.

The latest feature that the company has tested with Google for this is the ability to zoom in on videos. This feature, which was discovered in the Google Photos 4.33 version on the XDA developers’ forum, reveals that any video within the application can be zoomed just like the photos.

In its current state, Google Photos won’t respond to pinch-to-zoom gestures while playing a video in either portrait or landscape orientation. As seen in the GIF below, that will soon change when the app is updated to support zooming in on a video to close in on a specific area of the shot.

If you want to focus on a particular part of a video, you’ll now be able to do it practically with the Google Photos app. The feature is currently under development and is scheduled to be available when ready. Recently, the company added features to Google Photos , such as custom messaging, manual face tagging. 

There is no information on the date when the Google Photos zoom on videos feature will be available. Right now, it’s just in testing and isn’t user-accessible.

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