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Best Google Play Apps of 2019

Google has announced the best of Google Play for 2019. This brings you lists of the best apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and audiobooks of 2019. All of which come recommended either from Google Play editors or your fellow Google Play users.

The Best of Google Play in 2019

Google announced Google Play’s Best of 2019 on The Keyword, saying, “We answered the Call of Duty, made photos move, and went back to Gilead—it was an amazing year from beginning to Endgame. Now, we’re celebrating the year’s top content across Google Play.”

According to Google these are “the apps and games that let us explore other worlds and see ours anew. The books, movies, and TV that had us transfixed.” Most have been chosen by the Google Play editors, but there’s also a list of Users’ Choice Awards for 2019.

Here are the winners in each category, starting with the Users’ Choice 2019:

And here are the winners either chosen by Google Play editors or based on sales:

Whether they appear thanks to sales, being chosen by Google Play editors, or being chosen by Google Play users, these represent the best of Google Play in 2019. And if you’re keen to explore further there are longer lists on the Best of Play.

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