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Adobe Photoshop for iPad gets AI-powered Select Subject feature

Adobe added the “Select Subject” feature to the new Photoshop app for iPad that was announced last month. Adobe Photoshop for iPad lets you work with .psd files and syncs your work to the Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing for cross-platform editing.

At launch, Adobe said more powerful features would be added over time and back in November the company Adobe provided more detail on timelines and features that are to come.

As promised, the AI-powered Select Subject feature which lets you isolate objects in the scene from the background has now been made available. In most cases, a selection can be made just with one tap, even if the subject has a complex outline. In a second step filters or other edits can be applied to either the isolated subject or the background.

Adobe says the function works and performs on the same level as for the desktop version, despite the iPad’s processing limitations. Machine learning was used to train the tool’s algorithms using a wide range of objects and scenes but the company says it is still working on optimization for difficult subjects like hair or fur.

Additionally, the photo-editing app has been updated with faster cloud upload and download some user interface tweaks. More information is available on the Adobe website.

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